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HELI-X and the Corona Crisis

Since many of us have to stay at home, the newest beta version 9 of HELI-X is offerend time limited for everybody free of charge. There are 12 models included, some of them being beginner models suitable for your kids. Have fun and stay healthy!

Cooperation with Helischule Gonzalez

We are proud about the colaboration with Helischule Gonzalez. Daniel is an expert for making autorotations of every kind and has chosen HELI-X for his new book project. Together, we worked hard to even improve the pyhsics in HELI-X to make it as real as possible. Thus, the videos of his book project can be […]

Swift S1 for HELI-X

The Swift S1 is available for HELI-X.  When version 9 is released, you will be able to retract the turbine, in version 8, the turbine is fold out permanently. Use the flight phases to control the turbine or the airbrake, respectively. Thanks to Jan Stauffacher for the model, Martin Wycisk for tuning the flight parameters […]

Update of the Windows Installer

In version 8.0 we started to follow the Windows standard that the program is typically located in c:\Program Files\HELI-X8 and the data (airports and models) in C:\ProgamData\HELI-X8. However, in a full installation with every airport in high resolution, the data needs several GB space, and some users prefer to put this data on another place […]

New Scene of the Rotor-Live in Iffezheim

A new scene is available. It is from the famous helicopter event Rotor-Live in Iffezheim. The pictures are from Michael Goericke from the event in 2014 and the 3d scene is created by Paul Duerr. Paul reworked the complete scene. He removed the safety zone, so that there are approximately 2000 triangles in the model. […]

New in HELI-X 7: Tracks

A new feature in HELI-X Version 7 are tracks. With tracks you can define where the helicopter has to fly and HELI-X will prove this. This feature can be used, e.g. for fpv race, specific traing tasks. You can use them by selecting scenes and then selecting the particular track:       There are […]