System Requirements

HELI-X is based on Java and uses an OpenGL graphics framework. The older version 4.2 requires OpenGL in the version 1.2. Version 6.0 requires OpenGL in version 2.0. For V 6.0 to work, you need a graphics adapter AMD/ATI Radeon 9500, NVIDIA GeForce 5 FX, Intel GMA 4500, or better, supporting OpenGL 2.0 or better. The Windows version comes with an own Java version. The versions for Mac OS X and Linux require a Java installation. For Linux, you should use Java, not the OpenJDK. For Mac OS X this Java version is recommended: Java for OS X 2014-001.

In order to use HELI-X, you need an USB controller or an USB interface for your transmitter. Details can be found here. You can start HELI-X without controller, but the control of the helicopter is not possible.