You will find many different models inside HELI-X. From a physical point of view, we distinguish the following classes:

  • Helicopters with paddle head
  • Helicopters with scale head (without stabilization system)
  • Helicopters with stabilization system
  • Planes
  • Tricopters with controlled tail rotor
  • Quadrocopters and hexacopters in x and + configuration
  • 3D quadrocopters with collective pitch
  • Planes with propeller(s)
  • Planes with turbine(s)
  • Sail planes

The multicopters can be flown with a stabilization system or in the acro mode which also allows to fly acrobatic maneuvers.

In addition, you will find:

  • Helicopters for night flying
  • Adjustable color schemes and textures
  • Retractable landing gears

If you are interested in the defining parameters of the models, you may have a look at the user’s manual.

The models available in HELI-X:

AH-1W_SUPER-COBRA AH-1Z AS332_SuperPuma AS350B_Ecureuil
AS350B_Ecureuil186 AS350B_Ecureuil_FB ASW28 Addiction_PA
Aeroquad_Cyclone Agile55 Agile72 Alphajet
AuggiesGlassTrainingDisc Avant_Aurora BO-105__Fun-Scale Banshee
BatBone Bell407 Bell_222_FB Blade550X
Compass_7HV Compass_7HV_Nitro DJI_F450 DJI_F450_Gimbal
DJI_F550 DJI_F550_Gimbal DNHPAirfox90AT DassaultMystere
Diabolo EC145 EasyStar EasyStar_Ailerons
Edge540v3_FC Extra300 Extra330 Extra330LC-UL_FC
Extra330SC-UL_FC Extra330SC-VP-UL_FC Extra330XL F4U_Corsair
FK12_Comet FW190 Funray Furion_6
Fury_57 Gaui_NX4 Gaui_R5 Gaui_X3
Gaui_X5 Gaui_X7 Gaui_X7_BoomCover Gaui_X7_night
Goblin380 Goblin420 Goblin500 Goblin700
Goblin_Genesis Goblin_Kraken Goblin_Kraken580 Goblin_Kraken580_600
Goblin_Kraken_Nitro Goblin_RAW_700 Goblin_RAW_700_light Goblin_RAW_700_light_3D
Goblin_Speed H250 HK-550TT Henseleit-TDF
Ingenuity_Mars-Helicopter KA50_Hokum KA50_Hokum_Stabi KDS550
KDS600_Innova KDS700_Innova Lady-Bug-3D-X Lama
Logo200 Logo480_Xxtreme Logo500 Logo600
Logo600_SE Logo600_SE_SikorskyH5 Logo600_SE__Hughes500 Logo600_SX
Logo690_SX Logo700_Xxtreme Logo800 ME163_Komet
Me262 MiniProtos Modster_Paradise Mosquito
Mostro_700E NiTron90 OMP_M4 Opterra
Opterra1_2m Oxy3 Oxy3_Qube Oxy5
Oxy5MEG P-38_Lightning PSG_Zenyt Phantom
PhantomXL PiperJ3 PiperJ3XL PittsChallenger106
PittsChallenger73 PittsChallenger87 Protos_700 Protos_700X
Protos_700_Evoluzione Quad_Stealth RESolution RaceWing
Revolto265 SRD-280 Snowball Soxos_DB7
Soxos_Strike71 Soxos_Strike_Light SpecterV2 Spitfire
Stearman Streamline270V Swift_S1 TDR2
TRex250 TRex450L_Dominator TRex470l_Dominator TRex500
TRex550 TRex600DFC TRex600NSP TRex700DFC
ThreeDee-Rigid-texture ThreeDee-Rigid-texture__NewSkid ThreeDee-Rigid__NewSkid Tortuga
Trojan Tron_55 Tron_70 Urukay_2blade
Urukay_3blade Vibe50NEX Voodoo600 Walkera_DF5-4
Warp360 Whiplash_E730 eXo_500