HELI-X supports airports of the types SkyBox and Scene3D. The airports of type SkyBox are based on photographs in different resolutions. Thus, depending on the capability of your computer and graphics adapter, you can chose the best resolution. In most of the airports, the crash objects are modelled in full detail. These airports allow only the view to the helicopter from one fixed position (where the camera of the photographer was). The airports of type Scene3D are modelled like a landscape in a computer game and allow that the point of view can move around. So they are suited for PFV flying or for a camera following the helicopter and so on.

In addition, you find these properties:

  • Sun glare simulation
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Customizable wind conditions

The airports available in HELI-X:

Ahornkopf Altach Am_Schlossgraben Aschheim
BMFA-Unterfladnitz Bauernwaldweg Black Dietersdorf
Dietersdorf_Tables Dornach Dune45 ESO-Paranal-night
ESO-Paranal-sunset ESO-Paranal-sunset-high Ehrsberg FPV-Race
FlowerFields-Noordwijk Geschwend Haaksbergerveen-PietersField Heli-Flying-Field
Hochburg_Emmendingen Hoernleweg Hof Hof_Winter
Holzer-Kreuz Holzer-Kreuz-Parkplatz Holzer-Kreuz-Parkplatz_Winter Ittenschwand01
Kasteler-Bruecke Katzensteinweg Luebeck-Airport MCH-Huizen
MFC-Auerbach MFC-Tellingstedt MFC-Ulm_Neu-Ulm MFe-Emskirchen
MSG-Virngrund_eV_Neuler MVA-Almere MVA-Almere-Arctic MVA-Almere-H1
MVA-Almere-H2 MVA-Almere-NE1 MVA-Almere-NE2 MVA-Almere-SE1
MVA-Almere-SE2 MVA-Almere-SE3 MVN-Nijverdal Marmolata
Mars-Jezero Mars-Quela Marsdorf Miedelsbach
Niederrhein Nordsee Plane-Flying-Field Rheinbruecke_Hartheim
Rhinau-Insel_Sued Rotor_Live_2014 Rubi Schneeszenerie
Schoenenbuchen2 Schorndorf Small Snohomish-CMHC-East-side
Sporthalle_der_Heimgartenschule_in_Ahrensburg Sports_Hall StPeterOrding-Strand St_Blasien
St_Peter_Platte Steinberg Todtnau-Fahl Underground_Garage
Unterfladnitz Val_di_Fassa Wagensteigtal_Winter Warehouse