Online — Multiplayer

In HELI-X, there is a multiplayer mode available. Usually several servers are up, so that you can fly with others, learn with them, chat with them, have fun. You can also start your own game server by a few mouse clicks inside HELI-X. You might want to do this, to setup your own multiplayer session in your home network and play with your children. Finally, you can run your own game server without graphics (again on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux). It is already included in the demo version, no license is necessary for this. BTW, also the multiplayer feature is available in the demo version of HELI-X.

The idea of using the internet is realized in full in HELI-X. The update of the program, the update of the models, new airports, new scenes or new flight videos: Everything is available via the internet. So we do not produce a CDs or DVDs, we do not need an expensive boxing of the discs, and there is also no need on a network of distributors. Thus, we can offer you HELI-X at a very attractive price.

These Multiplayer sessions are currently running:

Session Name Airport Pilots Private
Heli-X Simulanten Wildberg 0 no
Heli-X Training 2 Nordsee 2 no
Breiti's Helischule MVA-Almere 0 yes
Helischule Gonzalez Nordsee 0 yes
Heli-X Training Schorndorf 0 no
Heli-X Demo MVA-Almere 0 no