Release Notes

Version 10.1, 2023-02-03 (Revision 2561)

These are some features of version 10.1 compared to version 10.0:

  • Improved helicopter physics
  • More realistic wind physics
  • New sun glare
  • Spinning wheels simulation
  • Vanishing wheels for the Comet
  • Zoomed object support in videos
  • Improved color changes in models
  • New text HUDS (Bank angle, pitch angle)
  • Moving stick display
  • Multi pilot position online airports
  • Spectator mode
  • Faster listing of resources for download
  • Improved matrix view for setting the sun position
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 10.0, 2021-12-10 (Revision 2465)

These are some features of version 10.0 compared to version 9.2:

  • Based on a newer version of the graphics library
  • Support for virtual reality (VR)
  • Support for Apple’s M1 processor
  • Airports of type 4K with a higher resolution
  • Better graphics by physical based rendering
  • Water shader included
  • The controllers can now be changed while HELI-X is running
  • Use of the actual position as place for the trainings.
  • And more small changes

Version 9.2, 2021-04-30 (Revision 2400)

These are some features of version 9.2 compared to version 9.1:

  • Auggie’s instinctive training ring
  • Function for the reset of the model

Version 9.1, 2020-12-19 (Revision 2318)

These are some features of version 9.1 compared to version 9.0:

  • Use of VBar touch with WLAN
  • Three banks instead of two
  • New HUDs for Position and height, possibility for zoom
  • New text HUD for bank
  • Voice output for chosen bank (with voices from VBar)
  • Butterfly ailerons
  • V-shape elevator
  • Separate controller configurations for planes or helicopters
  • Improved ambient light for airports
  • Favorite start positions
  • Object zoom for own model
  • Improvements for sound
  • Cones as new utilities

Version 9.0, 2020-07-01 (Revision 2229)

These are some features of version 9.0 compared to version 8.0:


  • 4k resolution by larger fonts
  • Several start positions to choose from
  • Hand launch also with 50, 100, and 150m
  • Pilot positions selectable in 3d scenes
  • Favorites also definable in the selection windows
  • Slow Motion switchable with the keyboard
  • Ghost sticks
  • New simple stick HUD
  • 4in1 stick HUD
  • Definitions of video segments
  • Save video segments as new video
  • Vertical adaptive view in camera
  • HUDs in text form
  • Calibration button for controller configuration
  • Split screen vertical and horizontal


  • Improved physical mdoels for helicopters, planes, and multicopters
  • CoG editable
  • Folding-out turbines (implemented in the Swift)
  • New electric and nitro power trains
  • New sound systems
  • Switchable smoke generators (implemented in the Swift)
  • Reworked downwash
  • Variable pitch props
  • Ground effect improved
  • Improved Stabilisation system
  • Rotor disc visualisation improved
  • Improved downwind of wing
  • Only wing aerodynamics improved
  • Pitch dynamics and feed forward in flight phases


  • Replay training with possibility to save the snippets as HELI-X recording
  • Music training


  • Server with port mapping possible

Version 8.0, 2019-02-28 (Revision 1912)

These are some features of version 8.0 compared to version 7.0:

  • Plane models are available
  • More flight modes for drones
  • Controller setting now supports push buttons
  • Trim settings
  • Torque Training
  • Emergency landing training
  • Spin Training
  • Support of the StickMover
  • New HUD display (Simple HUD)
  • HUD for gear and flaps status
  • HUD for stall warning
  • Possibility for hang soaring
  • And many other changes to improve HELI-X

Version 7.0, 2018-01-21 (Revision 1735)

These are some features of version 7.0 compared to version 6.1:

  • Improved sound of the helicopters
  • Improved graphics of the rotos
  • Improved scenes concept
  • Tracks for Training and FPV race
  • Dual cameras and split views
  • Stick display improved
  • Timer
  • Video–Export with highest quality
  • And many other changes to improve HELI-X

Version 6.1, 2017-01-01 (Revision 1651)

These are some features of version 6.1 compared to version 6.0:

  • New and large head up display (HUD)
  • New FPV camera mode, where the camera stays levelled
  • New FPV racing scene
  • New physical model for collective pitch coaxial helicopters
  • Rescue function, as available in many stabilisation systems
  • Adjustable transparency of the rotor
  • Swing mode in the hover training
  • And many other changes to improve HELI-X

Version 6.0, 2015-10-05 (Revision 1616)

Minor bug fixes concerning the controller channel detection.

Version 6.0, 2015-05-05 (Revision 1614)

Minor bug fixes concerning the controller channel detection.

Version 6.0, 2015-02-23 (Revision 1612)

Minor bug fixes.

Version 6.0, 2015-02-16 (Revision 1608)

These are some features of version 6.0 compared to version 5.0:

  • Completely OpenGL-based, no use of Swing anymore
  • Possibility of full screen display
  • Sun glare and anisotropic texture filter
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • More accurate simulation of the ground effect
  • Improved engine rotor coupling
  • Crash and retry Training
  • Detail window
  • Camera setting with keep-ground-in-view
  • Improved and new head up displays
  • Gear like animations at helicopters
  • And many other changes to improve HELI-X

Version 5.0, 2014-01-01 (Revision 1405)

These are some features of version 5.0 compared to version 4.2:

  • Use of a better graphics engine, based on OpenGL 2.0. Shader support.
  • Better shadows, better graphics.
  • Improved airport selection mechanism
  • 3D CP-quadrocopters
  • Animations of helicopter parts, retractable gear, etc.
  • And many other changes to improve HELI-X

Version 4.2 2013-02-18 (Revision 1254)

These are some features of version 4.2 compared to version 4.1:

  • Support of 5 channels of your transmitter
  • Issues with the controller settings on computers with certain language settings solved
  • Bug in collision object in photo scenes solved
  • Support of spanish language
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes

Version 4.1 2012-09-07 (Revision 1203)

These are some features of version 4.1 compared to version 4.0:

  • Support of multicopters (tricopter, quadrocopter, and hexacopter)
  • Ground effect improved
  • Collision handling improved
  • Display of the flight path for better training
  • Favorites and ignore functionality
  • Support of Japanese and Russian language
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes

Version 4.0, 2012-01-18 (Revision 1157)

These are some features of version 4.0 compared to version 3.0:

  • Improved and automatic downloads and installations of
    helicopters, airports, scenes, videos, etc.
  • Physics for Coaxial helicopters
  • Controller curves with dead zone for poorer controllers
  • Reaction training
  • No-Collective training
  • Promenade training
  • Funnel training
  • Wind display
  • Improved method for registration
  • Improved reflexions on rotors
  • Display of elastic blades or paddles
  • Many models improved
  • More languages
  • Rework of keyboard and button functions
  • Some detail improvements

Version 3.0, 2010-07-05 (Revision 1088)

These are some of the new features of version 3.0 compared to version 2.0:

  • Crash-Objekte in foto scenes
  • 3D scenes
  • Pilot position vaiable (in 3d scenes)
  • FPV-View (in 3D secens)
  • Smoke
  • Tail rotor sound
  • ambient sound
  • multiplayer using color and texture information
  • Basket training
  • Rope training
  • Failure training
  • variable vertical helicopter position on screen
  • Object zoom
  • Performance updates
  • History for helicopter and airport selection
  • Filter for the helicopter selection
  • Plugins
  • Statistics information
  • Online news
  • New helicopter models
  • Czech and Norwegian language supported

Version 2.0, 2009-07-04 (Revision 968)

There are made some bugfixes compared to revision 965 which are only relevant for weak computers. If you do not have problems with revision 965, there is no need to update. Thus we do not send it automatically to all users.

Version 2.0, 2009-06-08 (Revision 965)

These are some of the new features of version 2.0 compared to version 1.1:

  • Update of the helicopter physics
  • Simulation of three axes gyro systems
  • New dynamic objects (boxes, balls, etc.)
  • Balloon training
  • Cargo training
  • Cage training
  • Import of VStabi-Settings
  • Display of a position marker
  • Throttle and pitch curves can be stored
  • Slow motion
  • French version
  • Possibility of a game server (already in the demo version)
  • Better adjustment to the performance of the hardware
  • New helicopters, textures with alpha channel
  • Possibility to change the helicopter colors interactively, e.g for the ThreeDee Rigid

Version 1.1, 2009-01-16 (Revision 872)

What is new compared to revision 871?

  • This version works on 32-bit Macs (Intel and PPC). You need
    Mac OS X 10.4 with a Java installation.
  • The user of Windows, Linux or a 64 bit Mac do not
    need to update.
  • Thus, we keep the version number 1.1.

Version 1.1, 2009-01-10 (Revision 871)

These are some of the new features of version 1.1 compared to version 1.0:

  • Pitch- and throttle-curves, Possibility for fixed pitch helis
  • Gyro settings dependent on flight state
  • Improvements of the gyro algorithms. Simulation of the tail servo
  • Auto rotation training
  • Tail training
  • Stall-meter
  • Slip-meter
  • Rotor head instability
  • Improvement of the hover training
  • New keyboard functions
  • Automatic screen saver deactivation
  • Improvements of the graphics of rotating parts
  • Change of the view during multi player not only via the menu but also by click in the pilot window
  • New helis: T-Rex 600, Honey Bee King V2, Dragonus

Version 1.0, 2008-11-24 (Revision 839)

These are some of the new features of version 1.0 compared to version 0.9:

  • Significant performance increase
  • Better helicopter physics
  • Multi player capabilities using the internet
  • Hover training
  • Stick display
  • Better configuration possibilities for your controller or joystick
  • Possibility for indoor scenes with crash walls
  • Record/play
  • More utilities (heliports, pylons)
  • Dual rate/expo-settings
  • Better sounds including the sound of the blades in stall
  • Improved camera settings
  • Shadow configuration
  • Several languages (currently english and german)

Version 0.9, 2008-01-25

The fist version of HELI-X is available.


Version 11.0

  • Complete rework of contact and collision
  • Sun position can be saved
  • Acoustic signals for zero crossing of sticks
  • Gravitation configurable
  • More functions to be configured on controller
  • XFAA filter
  • Models with variants
  • Loading of models faster