We are proud that version 9 of HELI-X is published. We made so many changes compared to the last version we never did before. Many thanks to so many people, who helped to improve HELI-X.

The update for registered users works is described here.

Please have a look at the release notes to see a detailed list of the changes.


  • 4k resolution by larger fonts
  • Several start positions to choose from
  • Hand launch also with 50, 100, and 150m
  • Pilot positions selectable in 3d scenes
  • Favorites also definable in the selection windows
  • Slow Motion switchable with the keyboard
  • Ghost sticks
  • New simple stick HUD
  • 4in1 stick HUD
  • Definitions of video segments
  • Save video segments as new video
  • Vertical adaptive view in camera
  • HUDs in text form
  • Calibration button for controller configuration
  • Split screen vertical and horizontal


  • Improved physical mdoels for helicopters, planes, and multicopters
  • CoG editable
  • Folding-out turbines (implemented in the Swift)
  • New electric and nitro power trains
  • New sound systems
  • Switchable smoke generators (implemented in the Swift)
  • Reworked downwash
  • Variable pitch props
  • Ground effect improved
  • Improved Stabilisation system
  • Rotor disc visualisation improved
  • Improved downwind of wing
  • Only wing aerodynamics improved
  • Pitch dynamics and feed forward in flight phases


  • Replay training with possibility to save the snippets as HELI-X recording
  • Music training


  • Server with port mapping possible