I connected my transmitter with an interface. But the switches are not recognized by HELI-X.
  • Program your transmitter so that the switches are associated to channels, e.g. landing flaps, retractable gear, and so on.
  • During the calibration of the transmitter in HELI-X do the following: When you were asked to move the sticks to their endpoints, also move the switches.
  • Then your switches can be associated with functions in HELI-X in the "Buttons" section

Makes sure that you interface can transmit more than 4 channels.

My controller is recognized but it does not work.

It is likely that you did not go through the complete calibration process:

  • Choose Configuration->Controller and press Sticks.

  • Next follow the instructions through the whole process and press Next to move to the next step.

  • Note that the bars do not move until you stepped to the next step.
  • At the end, leave the setup with "OK". The save button is only needed, when you want to store different configurations, e.g., when you fly helicopter with mode 2 and planes with mode 1.

I opened a multiplayer server, but nobody can connect.
If you want to open an multiplayer server for windows, the following preparations are necessary:
  • On your router, define a port forwarding for TCP/IP and UDP: You need three sequential ports, e.g. 30000-30002 (TCP) and 30000-30002 (UDP).
  • In the Windows firewall go to advanced settings and define two inbound rules, one for TCP/IP and one for UDP. Use the same ports as before.
  • When defining the HELI-X server, set the port to the first number from above, that is 30000 in our example.
  • If it still does not work, another firewall or virus program might prevent the incoming messages.
The retractable gears do not work.

In HELI-X V8, use the function "Toggle Animation on/off". In V9 and above use the function "Toggle landing gear up/down"

During hover or torque training the model is too near to the pilot.

You can define the position of the training by choosing another start position. In HELI-X V8 use the menu (Shortcuts->Set new start position) to define the actual position as the new start position. In V9 you can also switch from different start positions in the simulation menu.

How can I change the airport of an online session?

The first pilot logged in into the session can select a new airport and the go to the menu Multiplayer->send scene description. Then the airport is changed for all players.

How can I make a movie for youtube, etc.?

You can use the software OBS Studio for this.

From where can I get new models and airports?

Download them within HELI-X from the menu Options->Look for new ...

Fullscreen is not working.
  • You have to select in Configuration->Global Options->OpenGL the screen resolution and the framerate to be used in Fullscreen. You may have to try different settings.

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  • Some older graphics adapters may not be able to display fullscreen.
HELI-X does not start. There is an error message concerning OpenAL.

Make sure that there is a playback device activated on your computer.

The sound does not work correctly. The direction from where the sound comes and its loudness is strange.

Try to install OpenAL.

How can I launch a glider?

You can use the functions "Hand Launch" (also at certain heights) or the function "Increase Height".

Is there a possibility to add/save wind settings for this airport?

In airports, it is optionally possible to save default wind settings. You can do this by yourself, but you have to edit the xml file of the airport by yourself (use an editor like notepad++ for this). The you can add/edit lines for the wind settings. See the xml file of an airport with wind as example:

Can I make my own scene?

Yes. Locate the scenes folder in the resources directory. And take the available scenes as an example. You may want to use an editor like notepad++ to edit the xml file.

Can I make a scene such that a helicopter is automatically loaded with it?

No, this is not possible. However, note that your last helicopter or planeĀ  is loaded automatically when HELI-X is restarted.

I want to update HELI-X, but I get the message "This version is up to date".

The update mechanism inside of HELI-X works only when you stay to the same major version numer, e.g. from 7.0 to 7.1. For a larger update (e.g. 8.0 to 9.0), you typically have to install the new demo version and then actiavate it with your key.

On Linux, I get an error message during the start of HELI-X.

You should use Java with version 8. On Ubuntu, you might use

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

and check it with

java -version

I want to change the direction of the sun light

To change the direction of the sunlight, you have to edit the xml file of the airport. There you can specify the direction vector of the sun light in 0,-1,-0.1

To simplify this process, you can:

  • Turn on the status line
  • Use the function "Toggle status line"


  • Toggle the status line until you see the light direction






  • Use the cursor keys to move the sun. When the direction is satisfying, copy the direction into the xml file.
What does cyclic nick or cyclic roll and pitch mean?

Well, these are words from the helicopter control. The correspondences to the terms of planes are:
cyclic nick - elevator
cyclic roll - aileron
cyclic pitch - trust
rudder - rudder

How can I switch between fullscreen and windowed mode with a key?
  • Go to the controller configuration and press "keyboard"


  • Scroll to "Toggle fullscreen" and press the desired key, e.g. F11


  • That is all. Leave with ok, and then you can use the key to switch the display mode.
How should a VBar controller be configured for HELI-X?

Up to Version 9.0, the buttons should be configured like this:

VBar configuration

For version greater 9.0 (where three banks are available) the buttons should be configured like this:

vbar configuration

Is there an FPV option available?

Yes. In order to use the FPV option, you have to use an airport of type Scene3D:













And you have to switch the camera settings into a FPV mode: