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Version 9.1 available

picture heli

Today, we released version 9.1 of HELI-X. Users of V 9.0 can update within HELI-X: Options->Update HELI-X. These are some of the new features: Use of VBar touch with WLAN Three banks instead of two New HUDs for Position and height, possibility for zoom New text HUD for bank Voice output for chosen bank (with […]

Swift S1 for HELI-X

The Swift S1 is available for HELI-X.  When version 9 is released, you will be able to retract the turbine, in version 8, the turbine is fold out permanently. Use the flight phases to control the turbine or the airbrake, respectively. Thanks to Jan Stauffacher for the model, Martin Wycisk for tuning the flight parameters […]