NASA is about to make the first helicopter flight on Mars. This will be the
first flight of an aerodynamic aircraft to take place on another planet. In other words, NASA is flying to Mars, and what is being done? They’re flying model helicopters. The Ingenuity is a coaxial helicopter, that’s how many of us started 15-20 years ago, too. Let’s see when it will go to 3D on Mars 😉

We celebrate this: On Wednesday, 10.03.2020, at 20:30 (19:30 UTC) the probably first online-training on Mars will take place. For this there will be a new model of the Ingenuity by Jan and the Mars scene taken by the Mars rover Perseverance is adapted by Matthijs. We will film the online training and create a document that we can also send to NASA 😉

So: Wednesday, 2020-03-10, 20:30 (local German time) (19:30 UTC) on Mars, but only with the Ingenuity, please no other helicopters!

Online training on Mars