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A new airport, Pieter’s private field. Only a few people know where it really is. But plenty of space to fly. A great scene by Matthijs. Have fun!

ME 163 Komet for HELI-X

A great new model of Jan is available: A ME 163 Komet “Kraftei”. Note that with Idle Up1 , you control the airbrakes with the thrust stick. Have fun!

Specter V2

Specter V2

With the help of Auggie Copter, we modelled a version of the Specter V2. Make sure to turn on “use PBR” in the global settings so that the metallic effects are visible. Have fun … and a merry christmas!

Version 10 available

Version 10 of HELI-X is ready. It is the first version with virtual reality support. How to update? What is new? Here is a video which explains how to use the new features: