To use HELI-X in a meaningful way, a transmitter or a USB controller is needed. The following possibilities are available:

  • USB controller that looks like a model aircraft transmitter.

USB-Contoller that looks like a transmitter, but can only be used on a PC. These controllers often also have switches that can be used depending on the operating system. The quality of the sticks is typically not as high as real transmitters. In this online store you can find for example such a controller:

  • A model flight transmitter that connects to the PC via the instructor/student jack and an interface.

If you already have a transmitter with an instructor/student socket, you can use a special interface to connect the transmitter to the PC via cable. Online you can find something like this for example here:

  • A model flight transmitter with receiver, which is operated wirelessly on the computer.

If you still have a receiver left, you can use the transmitter without a cable. One possibility is the RX2Sim, you can get it for example here:

  • A model flight transmitter, which can be used already by cable as a simulator on the PC.

Higher-quality transmitters, such as the models from Jeti, can be used as USB controllers via cable. But watch out: There are also transmitters with USB port, where the connection is only used for data exchange, but cannot be used with the simulator.

  • The V-Var from Mikado, which can be connected to the PC via WLAN.

The transmitters from Mikado can be used directly via WLAN with HELI-X.