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Version 10.1

We are proud to publish V10.1 of HELI-X. New features compared to V 10.0: Improved helicopter physics More realistic wind physics New sun glare Spinning wheels simulation Vanishing wheels for the Comet Zoomed object support in videos Improved color changes in models New text HUDS (Bank angle, pitch angle) Moving stick display Multi pilot position […]

15 Years HELI-X. Part 3: 2020-2023

2020-2023: With version 9.1 in 2020, an innovation was implemented in HELI-X that has not been seen before with any other flight simulator: Together with Ulrich Röhr from Mikado, we developed a WLAN interface. So it is now possible with the VBar Touch to control the simulator via WLAN, without cables and without an interface. […]

15 Years HELI-X. Part 2: 2012-2019

2012-2019: A big step for HELI-X happened in 2015. For version 5.0 a new graphics engine was used, the jMonkey engine, which is still the OpenGL base for HELI-X. Since then OpenGL shaders are supported and there are realistic shadows. By the way, the graphics engines before were Java3d (before 0.9) and then Xith3D, which […]

15 Years HELI-X. Part 1: 2008-2011

This year we celebrate an anniversary: 15 years of HELI-X! Here is a small (personal) review of the 15 years. So that it does not become so long, divided into 3 parts. 2008-2011: The HELI-X story begins in 2007, when the first contacts were made at the Munich Heli Masters and the idea for the […]

Auggie’s Airport

Finally, we are proud to present a second version of the airfield of the Cascade Model Helicopter Club in Snohomish. The pilot’s position is at the north side! The airport is ready for the multi pilot position feature in version 10.1 which comes in a few weeks. Have fun!

Almere – New Airport

MVA Almere

I guess, you all know the airport of Almere with windmills during the building phase. In the mean time, they are finished, and you can see this in the new Airport MVA Almere-P by Matthijs. Download as usual within HELI-X. Have fun!