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First Online training on Mars. Be a part...

NASA is about to make the first helicopter flight on Mars. This will be thefirst flight of an aerodynamic aircraft to take place on another planet. In other words, NASA is flying to Mars, and what is being done? They’re flying model helicopters. The Ingenuity is a coaxial helicopter, that’s how many of us started […]

Version 9.1 available

picture heli

Today, we released version 9.1 of HELI-X. Users of V 9.0 can update within HELI-X: Options->Update HELI-X. These are some of the new features: Use of VBar touch with WLAN Three banks instead of two New HUDs for Position and height, possibility for zoom New text HUD for bank Voice output for chosen bank (with […]

Version 9 of HELI-X is published

HELI-X Version 9

We are proud that version 9 of HELI-X is published. We made so many changes compared to the last version we never did before. Many thanks to so many people, who helped to improve HELI-X. The update for registered users works is described here. Please have a look at the release notes to see a […]