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New in HELI-X 7: Tracks

A new feature in HELI-X Version 7 are tracks. With tracks you can define where the helicopter has to fly and HELI-X will prove this. This feature can be used, e.g. for fpv race, specific traing tasks. You can use them by selecting scenes and then selecting the particular track:       There are […]

Gaui X7 with improved flight parameters

Thanks to Steven Baetzler for the fine tuning of the Gaui X7. You will see it will perform now even more realistic. In addition, you can download a nice video showing a test flight by Steven with the Gaui X7. Have fun!

SAB Goblin Urukay

Two new models of the SAB Goblin Urukay are available. A version with 2 baldes and one with 3 blades. Try the perhaps best F3C helicopter. The model is created by Jan Stauffacher, and the flight parameters are tuned be Ennio Graber (who designed this great helicopter) and Martin Wycisk. Ennio Graber won with this […]

PSG Zenyt available for HELI-X

Jan created another great model for HELI-X: The PSG Zenyt. The flight parameters are tuned by the excellent pilot Tim Vöge. The model is available as usual as download inside of HELI-X. Many thanks to Jan and Tim. Have fun!  


OXY 3. Another great model by Jan. Thank you, Jan! The physics parameters with the help of Tim and Aron. Have fun!

Gaui R5 available for HELI-X

The Gaui R5 is available for HELI-X. Try the new experience of this speed helicopter. More than 250 km/h are possible. Thanks to Jan for this great model. Three different canopy designs are available.