Professional R/C Helicopter Simulation

Credits for supporting HELI-X


Many people have contributed to the success of HELI-X. We appreciate kindly the help of:

  • Martin Hermann, for his continuous dedication for the develpment of the first version of HELI-X
  • Marvin Fröhlich and the whole developer team of Xith3D
  • the early beta testers Dr. Andreas Fischer, Mario Holzinger, Thomas Reich, Carsten Wartmann
  • Reto Gort and Thomas Reich for the scenes Falknis and Alvier, Gerhard Klauser for 6 scenes of airports between the Lake Constance and Liechtenstein
  • Michael Marker – for the creation of the logo and the HELI-X writing
  • Silke Kustermann – for the painting of the picture for the splash screen
  • Harald Bendschneider and Klaus Treichler for many scenes.
  • Oliver Amann for his support and patience with a sound problem using boot camp (in four weeks, we tested 13 revisions 😉
  • Sebastian Zajonz – that we can use his FMS model to create the HELIX family of helicopters which will be available in the first release.
  • Markus Siering for his patience while testing for the solution of a sound problem.
  • Jeroen van ‘t Hert for producing a 64-bit version of the jInput library for Linux.
  • Jörg Seyfried prepared the missing libraries for the Mac OS X version of HELI-X. Thank you, Jörg!
  • Tobias Schulte for producing a 64-bit version of the JOAL sound library for Linux.
  • Mario Tilly for the great models of Honey Bee King 2, Dragonus, T-Rex 600. And hopefully many more in the future … 😉
  • Carl Simard and Raymond Remiot for the translation of HELI-X into French.
  • Wadim Wall for the great models of the ThreeDee Rigid. Also for the making of the changable color shapes.
  • Rainer Stein for the revision of the Logo 600 (and hopefully for many more models ;-))
  • Rolf Rohner for the Revision of many many models. Thanks, Rolf!
  • Tomas Jedrzejek for the translation into Czech.
  • Oystein Lorentzen for the translation into Norwegian.
  • Chris Kitzel for preparing the great videos of 3d figures.
  • Nick Fainbarg from the Costa Mesa Studio for his help with sound effects.
  • Chris Good for the great trailer.
  • Malc Deakin for the music of the trailer for version 4.1.
  • Marek Brawanski for the translation into Polish and good feedbacks in beta tests.
  • Paul Duerr for many really great airports.
  • Jan Stauffacher for many great models and the garage scene (and his help with many videos).
  • Torsten Schmidt for his models and his work on textures.
  • Pascal Heuberger for the CAD model of the H250.
  • Martin Wycisk for his testing and the great movies with HELI-X
  • Martin Koall for many airports
  • Stefan Zils for providing a multiplayer online server

I am particlar indepted to Thomas Böseler. We spent many hour with testing and discussions in order to improve the simulation engine of HELI-X. Without his help, the quality of HELI-X would not be so high.