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Would it be possible to add a "rescue function" which is getting more common in FBL-units? On my real world heli I just flip a switch in hairy situations and the heli auto levels and add positive pitch to get ground clearance for as long as I hold the switch.

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Re: Rescue/bail-out

Post by ThomasC »

Hello Johan,

do you think this is useful in a simulator? In real life this shall save you from crashes, but in a simulator there's no real safety gain...
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Re: Rescue/bail-out

Post by ArchmageAU »

The reason to simulate bailout is to train the reaction. When you need it, you don't want to think about it.

It's the same reason your throttle Hold should be in the same spot on your sim transmitter and your IRL transmitter.

Bailout is available on AccuRC and RealFlight (I programmed the one for RealFlight).

I believe it is worth doing. It should be disabled by default. If a user wants it, they enable it.
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Re: Rescue/bail-out

Post by Ignatjev »

+1 to bailout
I already posted this request on HF today ;)
This will train our reflexes to use it on a real heli.
In my DX8 I have programmed it in a mix, using bind button, plus changed it`s placing on my transmitter so I can push it immediately within a reach of my finger.
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