Some more on the wishlist for Heli-X

Your suggestion for the next versions / Deine Vorschläge für neue Versionen
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Some more on the wishlist for Heli-X

Post by ArchmageAU » 07 Jun 2014 19:08


Great job, new interface for 5.1 looks good.

Couple of things to put in the pipe.

1) Find a way to support Phoenix interface. On HeliFreak I see a lot of people ask about this, if it was just supported, I'm sure you would get quite a few conversions. Realflight Interlink already works, would be good to cover Phoenix as well.

2) Self leveling / Rescue support that can be configured into models. BD3SX, Ikon, Skookum and others have self level that can be activated on heli's. BD3SX allow level and added pitch. I managed to configure RealFlight to do upright and inverted rescue so the reflex could be trained in the sim, the best I can do for Heli-X at the moment is reset helicopter with the button press. I am happy to help work with you on this, configure and test for models. You already have the code for upright self leveling as it is used with multi-rotors and coaxial helis, would like to extend these functions a bit.

3) When hover training is started (from not being in hover training), start the heli upright on the ground with blades stopped. Any subsequent reset, begin in the air. Reason for this is that usually a pilot has their sticks in the wrong position to start and crashes almost immediately.

4) Optional display of an elapsed timer in hover training. If following the "All 8's" training from HeliFreak, it helps to know how much time has passed.

Still one of the best heli sims out. Keep up the good work.


p.s. Heli-X works fine with the USB joystick interface in the OpenTX v2.0 (used with Taranis). That can be added to the website in supported USB interfaces. :)

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Re: Some more on the wishlist for Heli-X

Post by Michael » 15 Jun 2014 20:34

Is copied.



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