Yay! Heli-X6 on Mint 17.3 - totally easy!

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Yay! Heli-X6 on Mint 17.3 - totally easy!

Post by JS1 » 06 Dec 2015 00:47

Wow, just installed HELI-X6 on a fresh Linux Mint ...and it was super easy - even for an absolute Linux beginner like me!! :P 8-)
Thanks Michael for providing Heli-X for Linux too!

I installed Linux Mint 17.3 out of simple curiosity and was hit by compatibility issues between Mint and Nvidia graphics driver. Resolving that from a usb live system in sw render mode was for me as a total beginner as annoying as it can be. Btw, this finally then did the trick on the persistent installation. I now can login correctly and have decent graphics and working cinnamon desktop finally. Well, still have annoying random desktop freezes. Don't yet know how to address those awful out-of-box problems to the Mint makers but did not expect such a bad start in a version 17+ (!). Anyway, for Heli-X i therefore had not much hope...

But what a contrast! Downloaded from heli-x.net, unpacked it to my personal directory, made the .sh executable (which i had to google how to do by simply using the right-click properties menu :oops: ) and it was installed! Even controller calibration worked perfectly on first try and everything runs perfectly! Even higher fps than under win7! :P
Modelling helis for Heli-X! See model build log here.

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