Oracle JAVA 8 Ubuntu 15.4

Installation and usage on Linux / Installation unter Linux
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Oracle JAVA 8 Ubuntu 15.4

Post by qube001 » 27 Sep 2015 17:54


As a newcomer to the linux version, I must say that the linux documenation of heliX is somewhat poor, inexistent.
leaving people to rely on community to succeed such trivial things as basic installation is not what I would expect for a software of this pricetag.

My question would be, is there any decent linux documentation somewhere?

At this time the software silently fails after language selection when I start it from comand line on my ubuntu system (15.05 64 oracle java 8)
I hope someone may have a clue regarding this issue?


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Re: Oracle JAVA 8 Ubuntu 15.4

Post by earlgrey » 26 Oct 2015 22:21

Java 8 does not work on suse linux either. I had to install java 7

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Re: Oracle JAVA 8 Ubuntu 15.4

Post by n8xyn » 28 Oct 2015 20:48

I'm running on Mint 17.1 with Jre 7 perfectly also, As a matter of fact I very happy and grateful the author supports Linux. I looked at the other options including running in a windows 7 VM and this is by far the best option. While windows based software ran in VM, graphics acceleration was not supported and even on an 8 core machine things got choppy. :D

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