Which USB-Adapter/Welchen USB-Adapter - HiSKY H6 Transmitter

Installation and usage on Linux / Installation unter Linux
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Which USB-Adapter/Welchen USB-Adapter - HiSKY H6 Transmitter

Post by Karotte » 25 Feb 2015 18:47


I'm looking for a USB adapter for Heli-X to use my transmitter controlling it.
The transmitter is a 6 channel HiSKY H6 (rebranded als REELY) http://www.hiskyhobby.com/productinfo.php?id=441 and came with the REELY HCP-80.
The manual

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claims that the student soccet can be used to control a simulator:
The student socket can be used to tap the PWM signal for servo control, to also, e.g., control the interface of a flight simulator with it.
It's a 3.5 mm mono socket and ( I have verified it) connected to the PCB within the transmitter.

So far I've found various adapter on amazon, ebay etc but I've never found out if theese will work for the H6 <-> Heli-X (Linux) combination.

Does anyone has a suggestion which von to buy? Preferably a German dealer.
I'd loved to start using TXPPM but the sources are nowhere to be found any longer.

Ich suche eine Empfehlung fuer einen USB-Simulator welcher in Kombination mit Heli-X unter Linux mit meiner Fernbedienung (siehe oben) laeuft. Laut Bedienungsanleitung ist die Schuelerbuche (3.5 mm Mono Klinkenstecker) dafuer geeignet.
An der Schülerbuchse kann das PWM-Signal zur Servoansteuerung abgegriffen werden, um damit u. a. auch das Interface eines Flugsimulators anzusteuern
Diesen haben ich z.B. gefunden
http://www.ebay.de/itm/USB-Interface-Ka ... 255914c5a8
Irgendwo hatte ich einen FS-SM 100 erwaehnt gesehen. Den finde ich aber nicht mehr.
Ich suche auch explizit einen Adapter und kein Gamepad o.ä. als Ersatz.

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Re: Which USB-Adapter/Welchen USB-Adapter - HiSKY H6 Transmitter

Post by machine » 23 Dec 2015 03:38

i currently use the wireless adapter from Hobbyking. I used to use the 9 in 1 wired adapter and it worked fine too. I use two turnigy 9x radios with heli-x, my primary radio for my nitro bird i used only with the wired adapter and stock 9x firmware, i had to make a simulator configuration to get it to work correctly, but with the wireless adapter i use my other 9x with er9x firmware. If you are using this firmware start with a heli model you already use to fly, it makes set up for Heli-x much faster than completely reprogramming the er9x firmware for simulator use. either of these adapters work fine.
Hope that helps

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