Want to use Heli-x. systems needs + TX

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Sid Dennis
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Want to use Heli-x. systems needs + TX

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Hello, I am new to heli`s and flying. I have read Heli x is a great sim.
I know nothing about Heli x, I presume you buy online?
Before I go further I need to know 2 things.
I have to use a average laptop, its a INTEL i7 5500 2.4ghz, 8 gb mem and a graphics card AMD R9 375 WITH 2GB DDR3 MEM, Will this run the sim?
lastly I have a JR DSX9 tx. will this work and what cables or dongle do I need and where would I buy them.
any help on buying and using would be great please
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Re: Want to use Heli-x. systems needs + TX

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you can download the demo version without fee and try it on your system. It is free, but has only four or five helicopters.

I do not know where you live. Just google for

RC simulator interface JR DSX

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