Changing Startup Defaults

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Changing Startup Defaults

Post by skycyclepilot » 24 Dec 2017 10:32

Is there any way to change some of the startup defaults - perhaps by editing XML files?

The startup position of the heli is too close to the pilot for hover training. Once I start Heli-X, the first thing I do is move the heli a few feet away, and then use the "Set new start position" shortcut. However, Heli-X does not remember this new position once I exit the program.

I'd also like for the program to start in Full Screen mode.

Minor stuff, I know...

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Re: Changing Startup Defaults

Post by Michael » 24 Dec 2017 11:28


the start position of the helicopter is a property of the airport. You can change it permanently in the xml file of the airport.
It is currently not possible to set the full screen mode as default.

Have a nice christmas.


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