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Post by Starbladder » 14 Jun 2015 20:02

Sorry for being useless, but I'm new to this and can't seem to find a simple answer to the following question...

Do I need a special cable of some sort to connect my Taranis x9d (running 2.0.9) to my Windows PC or is there a magic setting I have missed?

I can connect via a normal micro USB cable and then use OpenTX Companion in either bootloader or edit/save modes so the cable seems to be OK

I created a new "Heli X" model with both tx's off, as recommended by OpenTX University

When I power up then connect the cable I get the expected "connected to USB" icon on the x9d and a new device in the PC hardware list called "FrSky Taranis Joystick" under "libusbK USB Devices". An entry of "FrSky Taranis Joystick" appears as a game controller in the control panel devices list but I can't calibrate it since it does not show up as a known game controller on the dropdown config lists regardless of how I access them (games/input/etc or from the devices menu). Not looking great but might be OK.

Heli-X 6.0 starts fine and I get a nice helicopter sitting by the runway but when I try to access the controller menu I get a "No Controller Found" error which I cannot seem to get round.

Does not make any difference if I start HX first or start the x9 first.

There are no files present in the C:\HELI-X6\files\controller directory which also looks a bit suspicious.

Selecting the factory reset option and then reinstalling HX from scratch did not help.

Hopefully I am doing something really stupid and a nice reader can tell me what it is and that I don't need to find another cable somewhere...



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Re: Taranis

Post by hursto75 » 24 Aug 2015 02:42

I have my Taranis working with Heli-x V6 and windows 10. I also have it set up to use the Pitch Curves on the Taranis.

I started the Tranis, plugged in the controller, then started Heli-X.

Setting up Heli-x was easy once i figured out what it wanted for the pitch and throttle.

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