Heli-X as a SITL Simulator for Development?

Questions, in particular about the usage / Fragen vor allem zu Benutzung von HELI-X
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Heli-X as a SITL Simulator for Development?

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I've been enjoying Heli-X a lot since I licensed it a few years ago. Training with it has taught me a great deal, and avoided crashing my real-life helicopters.

I'm a software engineer, and I've take up an interest in flight control for UAVs — especially ArduPilot. Now, ArduPilot is especially good at letting you use a simulator as a software-in-the-loop (SITL) aid in development. The flight controller receives the inertial data from the simulator, which of course publishes such data (usually as an UDP stream) in real time. Among others, you can use X-Plane, AirSim, and, more relatedly, RealFlight, which is a commercial RC flight simulator, in spirit very similar to Heli-X.

I think very highly of the physics engine in Heli-X; IMHO, it's far superior to RealFlight's. It would be amazing to be able to use it as SITL, also because Heli-X runs on macOS, Linux and Windows, while many of the other commercial options (including RealFlight) only run on Windows.

Assuming that Heli-X does not already has this feature, is there any interest in making Heli-X inertial data available in this way? (And FWIW, if a developer is needed, I'd be happy to contribute for free.)

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Re: Heli-X as a SITL Simulator for Development?

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we did an interface a longer time ago with the EPFL. Send me an email, I will see if I find something ...

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