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Help needed setting sticks response in FLIGHT MODE page

Posted: 02 Dec 2019 16:55
by musicaldoc
Hi to everybody,

I please need help to set in the best way the response of the sticks.
I'm preparing to pass the exam for the drone licence and I'm using at the field the Taranis of the school with a DJI450 drone.

At home I use Helix 8 with it's DJI450 model controlled by a USB Game Commander 7 channels. The controller itself is ok, used with other syms with planes works great.

In any way I try to set curves in the FLIGHT MODE page of Helix8 I can't find the correct setup
I need the drone to roll, pitch and yaw smoothly since the very first millimetres of stick deflection, but if I set the dead band near to 0% the drone shakes as soon as I move a stick.

After finding a position of the sticks for a certain maneuver, for example orbiting, the drone runs smoothly, the shakes come at the very first sticks deflection.

I tried to change EXPO and D/R percentages but nothing changes, tried also big changes in Gain and HH Gain but nothing to get near to the real thing.

Other big issue is that releasing the sticks after a roll or pitch, the model auto-counter rolls or pitch to stop, but it does it too much, I need to be myself to fly the model.

What should I do?

Re: Help needed setting sticks response in FLIGHT MODE page

Posted: 07 Dec 2019 18:31
by musicaldoc
Ok thanks,

great sym software but TOTALLY useless forum! :roll:

Bye Bye