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Preconfigured models?

Posted: 04 Oct 2015 16:47
by vmsda
Is there any literature giving an overview of the product?
For instance: are there any preconfigured models (for FP and/or CP) to enable a newbie to start quickly just by specifying Mode 2 (say) used in the Controller, and all other parameters specified or defaulted to in the model(s)? Or is Heli-X totally reliant on models specified in the Controller? Or something in between?

Re: Preconfigured models?

Posted: 04 Oct 2015 23:06
by JS1
Not sure what you mean by preconfigured...
All models in Heli-X are controlled by parameters defined in the simulator, as such preconfigured to match the real heli as close as possible.
These flight characteristics can be adjusted if needed. Easiest way is the same as you would in your transmitter by adjusting D/R, Expo and throttle curves (see manual 2.4.4.). That should do for 99% of all users. Further tuning can be done via each parameter (4.1.3.) but should be left to the pros.
Also you should use neutral settings (new empty model) in your transmitter for use with the sim.