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New airport: Bridge

Posted: 24 Apr 2020 19:49
by lama12

here's an airport that I created and like to share.
It's one of those places that would be great to fly at but unlikely to try in real life.
The panoramic image is taken from - and can be used freely.
The image is converted to a skybox using SaladoConverter-0.5.
Then the bridge is created as a crash object using blender and "Zulu's tool" to export to the airport environment.
The trees aren't modeled as crash objects, just the bridge alone was interesting enough.
preview.jpg (154.7 KiB) Viewed 991 times
For those who want to give it a go, you can download it here:
(the link is only 7 days valid)

Hope you like it.

Re: New airport: Bridge

Posted: 24 Apr 2020 20:48
by Michael
Hi Lama12,

great work, thank you. I duid my first landings on the bridge with the shock flier....

With a little work, you could improvee the scene:
1. Can you provide also pictures with 4096x4096 pixels?
2. You can use the alpha channel to make the space between the rods of the bridge transparent.

If you need halp, contact me directly, if you want.


Re: New airport: Bridge

Posted: 24 Apr 2020 22:16
by lama12
Hi Michael,

thx for your comments.
The image is downloaded and unfortunately this is the max resolution.
Also I tried to do what you suggest under 2, however, it produces a lot of rendering artifacts. Maybe you can help me where I went wrong.
The steps I took were:
1) save jpg as RGBA png
2) in Gimp, open png and erase the white in the Alpha channel where the spaces are between the rods.
3) save again as png
4) in blender assign an alpha value < 1 to the object (I used 0.5)

It actually worked: the heli was visible through the spaces.
However what also happened was:
i) in some areas the entire helicopter was visible as if the bars were also transparent.
ii) the shadow on the ground plane below the bridge was visible on top of rods (non transparent parts)
iii) some shading artifacts of the helicopter were visible on the non transparent parts.

The exact same method gave good result for the blue gates that have some transparency. So I gave up in making it work for the bridge - maybe to you it is obvious what I missed.


Re: New airport: Bridge

Posted: 24 Apr 2020 22:53
by Michael

your way is absolutely correct.

Maybe, this was a problem because of part behind part behind part ...

I will have a look what goes wrong there. BTW: you should only use triangles as collision objects ...

Re: New airport: Bridge (Zulu's Tool)

Posted: 25 Apr 2020 02:35
by danieldh206
Where do you get the Blender tool from. I tried in two different browsers but when I try to follow the link on the main page about the Blender tool I just get a blank screen.

Thank you,

Re: New airport: Bridge

Posted: 25 Apr 2020 07:08
by lama12

Re: New airport: Bridge

Posted: 25 Apr 2020 19:58
by danieldh206
Thank you for the link.