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"Use 5 channels" downsides

Posted: 08 Feb 2023 10:23
by azaz44
I would be happy to use this option, to control throttle (motor RPM) from radio:


There would be some advantages of that, especially in F3C.

However, the way it is implemented now, it has one downside. If you enable this option, there isn't any way to control RPMs of different models in Heli-X. Which means, if you configure your radio to have some RPMS (let's say 1400, 1900, 2100 on some 3-pos switch), then it will use same values for all models in Heli-X, independent of size. Which means if you set values above, which might be good for a 700, they will also be used for Kraken 580, where they completely make no sense.

One could maybe create different models in the radio for different models in Heli-X, but this would be very annoying to use. And impossible in some radios, where you can bind the SIM receiver with only one model in radio.

I wonder, if there could be a new option in Heli-X, which would set "Max RPM" per model. And if you set 2200, then 100% throttle from radio would map to 2200 RPM for this model. For another model - Kraken 580 - you would set it to 2600 RPM. And then, 100% throttle from your radio would make model run at 2600 RPM.

This could be placed here, instead if throttle curve, if "Use 5 channels" is enabled:


Just one number to configure and it would solve the problem.

Or, maybe simpler way - could just make Heli-X use the "Throttle curve" in "Flight Modes" even when using 5 channels. So it would multiply both values (40% in throttle curve multiplied by 90% coming from radio would end up with 36%). As it is now, "Throttle curve" is ignored if you enable "Use 5 channels".