Sound improvement suggestions.

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Sound improvement suggestions.

Post by ArchmageAU » 23 Jul 2013 10:02

Things I have noticed on sound.

When sudden heavy blade loading (like in tail slide, or wall or rainbow), the blades cavitate in the air making a "blade fart". This sound is a different note to regular blade sounds. This loading sound could be added/computed as the head speed is being tracked (as well as the rotor position in space to work out if in "cavitate" zone).

The blade tip speed gives the resonance of the blade sound. This note changes based on doppler shift based on direction. I believe this is already being done. Maybe sample wav should configure the head speed it is recorded at so the blade note can be adjusted accordingly. Another other option is to split the sound into 3 separate wav's (head, tail and engine) and combine in the sound driver in real time (adjusting sound on each dependant on speed and operation).

Unfortunately, I am not a sound engineer. Would be worth seeing if you can engage services of such.

Just some suggestions.

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