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by n8xyn
06 Mar 2019 02:49
Forum: HELI-X on Windows
Topic: Heli-x 8 really poor behavior
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Heli-x 8 really poor behavior

I'm having many issues with Heli-x 8 on windows 7. First it keeps saying airports specially 3d ones aren't loaded and I have downloaded all of them. In FPV mode when one loads the entire bottom of the screen is white. I'm sure happy I kept 7...
by n8xyn
13 Jan 2016 16:35
Forum: HELI-X on Linux
Topic: Sun Java 8
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Sun Java 8

I had to reinstall my Linux system after a year of good service (thanks to my misconfiguration). In doing so I also decided to use the latest Java 8 instead of 7. Well now when I launch Heli-X it keeps spawning itself over and over again rendering it useless and nearly locking up the 8 core computer...
by n8xyn
28 Oct 2015 20:48
Forum: HELI-X on Linux
Topic: Oracle JAVA 8 Ubuntu 15.4
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Re: Oracle JAVA 8 Ubuntu 15.4

I'm running on Mint 17.1 with Jre 7 perfectly also, As a matter of fact I very happy and grateful the author supports Linux. I looked at the other options including running in a windows 7 VM and this is by far the best option. While windows based software ran in VM, graphics acceleration was not sup...