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by Parakos
30 Jul 2015 09:26
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Topic: Rescue/bail-out
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Would it be possible to add a "rescue function" which is getting more common in FBL-units? On my real world heli I just flip a switch in hairy situations and the heli auto levels and add positive pitch to get ground clearance for as long as I hold the switch.

by Parakos
13 Feb 2015 20:54
Forum: Tipps und Tricks / Tips and Tricks
Topic: Interface Poll/Umfrage
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Re: Interface Poll/Umfrage

operating system: Win 8.1 64-bit
interface/transmitter: Jeti DS-16
HELI-X version: 5.0
Comments/problems: No problems, only rc sim that recognizes all channels that I have run :).