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by LydkinGR
01 Oct 2019 19:01
Forum: Models and Airports / Modelle und Airports
Topic: Working on some generated FPV environments
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Working on some generated FPV environments

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that and the music stopped working for X3TC as well. AP still not working. Menu music which works in AP stopped working as well. I tried replacing some of the songs and that didnt work either. Original songs work but replacements wont X3TC
by LydkinGR
06 Sep 2019 04:25
Forum: HELI-X on Windows
Topic: Heli-X 7 - Won't initialise on Windows-10
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Heli X 7 Wont initialise on Windows 10

Hi John:

I run WIN7, but always get the same errormessage while starting FS9, but disregarding it, all works fine. I assume its the fssound.dll module of PT, which causes the false