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by TrocenkoGV
18 Oct 2019 18:50
Forum: Multiplayer Sessions
Topic: Wo sind die ganzen Multipla Server?
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Wo sind die ganzen Multipla Server

bei mir steht in den nächsten Tagen eine neuer PC an und jetzt wollte ich die Savegames sichern für den anderen PC. Kann sie aber nicht finden. Wo sind sie?

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by TrocenkoGV
23 Sep 2019 01:54
Forum: Tipps und Tricks / Tips and Tricks
Topic: Interface Poll/Umfrage
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Interface Poll/Umfrage

Hi, I played the X games years ago and today decided to play them again. Bought them on steam and started them. The problem Im facing is this: the interface and text are absolutely tiny Im using a 4k screen. Is there some kind of fix for that? Or a mod or anything? It would be a shame if I had to tu...
by TrocenkoGV
12 Aug 2019 21:21
Forum: HELI-X on Mac OS-X
Topic: Helix 6.0 doesn't recognize my controller (update)
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Helix 6 0 doesnt recognize my controller update

dear all:
i want connect to packdrie diagnostics software but by building cable aboe schematici can not connect to drive please if anyone help me send fresh schematic for building this cable.